Bartosz Woszczyński

The B’cause Foundation and B’cause Dance Company have been operating since 2018. We have produced 9 dance performances, which we have staged over 50 times in more than 20 cities across 6 countries, reaching thousands of viewers. Hundreds of people have participated in our educational activities, and our online audience numbers in the thousands. During this time, we have collaborated with many independent artists, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions across Poland and abroad.


Homesick | Sick Home

2019, Holstebro

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2021, Holstebro

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2021, Heraklion

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2021, Sevilla

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2021, Ancona

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2021, Brussels



Re | TURN (s)


B'cause Foundation


  • Bartek WoszczyńskiChoreographer
  • Vitaliia VaskivDancer
  • Dmytro VyskorkaDancer
  • Composers
  • Artur WytrykusLighting Designer
  • Julia BuczynskaAssistant
  • Urszula WoszczyńskaProducer

Performance synopsis

The dance performance Re | TURN(s) is an artistic attempt to capture the psychological phenomenon in which a victim forms an emotional bond with their captor, known as the Stockholm syndrome. The performance primarily focuses on human relationships subjected to extreme situations and trials. It demonstrates how the human psyche can change and adapt to a new reality, and how a person within certain dependencies can have a distorted perception of relationships.

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Duration 50 min " Crew * 4 Artists 2
Premiere 29/11/2023, Warsaw
Audience młodzież
  • none

* cast plus technical support



The project was co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw. The partner of the project was Teatr Studio.
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