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Andrzej Adamczak


photo Adam Ciereszko

photo Adam Ciereszko

Andrzej Adamczak is a graduate of the Ballet School in Poznań. Previously, he was the first soloist at the Polish Dance Theatre, also in Poznań. Currently, he is a freelance choreographer and contemporary dance teacher. He has danced in pieces choreographed by O. Naharin, Y. Berg, J. Przybyłowicz, T. Verger, N. Rosano, J. Strømgren and E. Wycichowska, amongst others. Adamczak is also a laureate of the Medal of Young Art and the Award for Young Artists. His performances have been shown at many festivals in Poland and abroad.


Premiere of the performance ‘Instinct’ – independent project
2020, Poznań
Les Hivernales Dance Festival – performance of ‘Need me’
2016, Avignon
Dance Festival – performance of ‘Need me’
2016, Bielefeld
Conducting contemporary dance workshops at the Spin Off Forstudium i Dans
2015, Oslo
Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival – performance of ‘Need me’
2014, Warsaw
Premiere of the performance ‘Need me’ at the Polish Dance Theatre
2014, Poznań
Premiere of the performance ‘Volta’ at the Polish Dance Theatre
2013, Poznań
International Festival of Modern Dance – performance of ‘Scan’
2008, Kaunas
Premiere of the performance ‘Three sisters – imagination’ at the Polish Dance Theatre
2008, Poznań


Young Art Medal
2009, Poznań
Award for preparation of the best choreography for ‘without title’ at the Polish National Ballet Competition of Youngest Dancers in Gdańsk
2006, Gdańsk
Award for best contemporary chorography for ‘Time for Us’ at the W. Wiesiołłowski Polish National Dance Competition in Gdańsk
2005, Gdańsk
Young Artist Award from the City of Poznań
2004, Poznań
Award for best contemporary choreography for ‘Espresso’ at the W. Wiesiołłowski Polish National Dance Competition in Gdańsk
2003, Gdansk



Andrzej Adamczak


  • Andrzej Adamczak Choreographer
  • Mariusz Szmytkowski Costume designer

Performance synopsis

Each day, every one of us constantly looks for the beauty in life: in art, relationships, love. We put hope in new occurrences, people and emotions. By establishing relationships, we open ourselves to others, we invite them to our world, we become defenseless. We often experience disappointment, and suffer – consequently losing our faith that beauty exists at all.

Duration30" Crew *7 Artists5
Premiere 2020-07-17, Poznań
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

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