Spektakl Clara

Alisa Makarenko is a choreographer and creator of stage movement for performances at many different contemporary theatres in Poland. She is also the inventor of the mov_improv_ment teaching method – a combination of psychology, improvisation and contemporary dance. In 2012, she was awarded for her significant contributions to the choreographic art of Ukraine and also for her high level of instruction in the field of dance. In 2014, she received the Ewa Wycichowska artistic prize.






Alisa Makarenko


  • Alisa MakarenkoChoreographer, director
  • Natalia TrafankowskaAssistant to the choreographer
  • Clara SchumannMusic
  • Robert SchumannMusic
  • Johannes BrahmsMusic
  • Larisa KomyshnaCostumes
  • Natalia TrafankowskaPerformer of the role of Clara Schumann
  • Alexey TorgunakovPerformer of the role of Robert Schumann
  • Filip Trawiński Performer of the role of Johannes Brahms
  • Sandra CieślewiczPerformer
  • Magdalena CyganPerformer
  • Wiktoria DudekPerformer
  • Joanna JewułaPerformer
  • Marika KornackaPerformer
  • Justyna MordarskaPerformer
  • Zofia NochowiczPerformer
  • Agata ŚmiarowskaPerformer
  • Lidia ŚwięszkowskaPerformer
  • Julia SzczesnowskaPerformer

Performance synopsis

The story presents the fate of three pianists who were connected by an extraordinary bond – a romantic triangle. The materials used to create the performance are their letters and diaries, full of the mutual respect, attachment, and unusual tenderness of Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. The performance shows their sensitivity, love, parenthood, friendship, mental illnesses, adolescence, life experiences, limitations and weaknesses related to the human psyche and body.

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Duration 50 " Crew * 12 Artists 13
Premiere 13/10/2019, Poznań
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



Patronat honorowy Konsulat Generalny Niemiec we Wrocławiu, patronat medialny codziennypoznan.pl oraz Scena Wspólna
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