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Acrobatic Dance Theater MIRA - ART

Cztery Pory Roku

Four Seasons,
photo Wojciech Rudnik

Cztery Pory Roku
Four Seasons,
photo Krzysztof Okoń

ATT Mira-Art is a group of artists and creators who have been searching for new means of artistic expression for about 20 years, combining ballet with aerial acrobatics.

They have danced for Pope Francis and the Sheikh of Dubai, and at 65 metres above the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk, with the help of a crane. They have also performed in France, Qatar, Colombia, Singapore and India, as well as in ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ and ‘The Witcher’ at the Baduszkowa Musical Theatre in Gdynia.


IAA World Congress
2019, Kochi
Embassy of Poland in Bogota
2019, Cartagena
Embassy of Poland in Singapore
2018, Singapore
Consulate General of Poland in Lyon
2018, Bordeaux
Sharjah International Book Fair
2015, Sharjah

Four Seasons


Acrobatic Dance Theater MIRA - ART


  • Krzysztof Okoń Director
  • Mirosława Kister-Okoń Acrobatic choreography
  • Iwona Runowska Choregraphy
  • Artur Guza Composer
  • Mirosława Kister-Okoń Cosumes
  • Katarzyna Donner Costumes

Performance synopsis

A short biography of a woman allegorically inscribed in Vivaldi's ‘Four Seasons’. Each part presents individual periods of life – from the mystery of conception to death. The first sensations, touch, feeling of rejection, love, betrayal and motherhood are shown in a dance in the air, which is rarely shown in theatre. The association of the title with Vivaldi has its own meaning in the form of the story’s concept, as well as with music deeply inspired by the work of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.

Duration80" Crew *4 Artists11
Premiere 2019-12-14, Gdynia

* cast plus technical support

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