Agnieszka Noster

Agnieszka Noster is a choreographer, dancer and (only rarely) photographer. A graduate of the University of the Arts, Poznań, she holds a Master of Arts degree in photography. Soon, she will also be a graduate of the Music Academy in Łódź, where she is majoring in choreography. Her current interests include the issue of kinesthetic empathy in dance and embodiment. Her recent achievements include: creating and producing Theta Sphere,… Frightened Tranquilty, co-creating the 1st edition of Tama Contemporary Dance, as well as a residency with the Motus Amini Continuus 45+ Project.




Theta Sphere,… Frightened Tranquility


Agnieszka Noster


  • Agnieszka NosterConcept/choreography
  • Iwona OlszowskaMentoring/dramaturgical support
  • Tancerze DancersCo-creators

Performance synopsis

My inspiration – a few phrases by Fernando Pessoa and the issue of how theta waves influence us, our bodies, perception, difficulties in making decisions, succumbing to reality, and passivity. ‘There is a frightened tranquility in my heart, resignation is the matter of my silence […] I forget more than I am able to remember […] I am a well of gestures, not all of which are visible even inside me, words to which I did not even intend to put my lips together, dreams that I forgot to dream till the end.’

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Duration 31 " Crew * 7 Artists 5
Premiere 2018-04-27, Łódź
Audience wszyscy (niezależnie od wieku)
  • none

* cast plus technical support



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