Frajda Granda Bzik

Fun Fuss Fever,
photo Maciej Zakrzewski, Art Fraction Foundation

Frajda Granda Bzik
Fun Fuss Fever,
photo Maciej Zakrzewski, Art Fraction Foundation

Kolekttacz is made up of Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska, Aniela Kokosza and Agnieszka Dubilewicz. The group was set up in March 2020 out of the need for collective creation.
In their work, the artists use the tools derived from contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and somatic practices of working with the body.
They collaborate with choreographer and researcher Izabela Chlewińska.


Children's Festival
2021, Poznań
SZTUKA SZUKA MALUCHA Festival in Wielkopolska
2021, Poznań

Fun Fuss Fever




  • Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska choreographer, performer
  • Aniela Kokosza choreographer, performer
  • Agnieszka Dubilewicz choreographer, performer
  • Iza Chlewińska choreographer, movement director

Performance synopsis

The meeting: natural, open, inclusive, sensitive. Relationship, closeness community family - what do we experience in them? Diversity, surprises, misunderstandings, fun, breakdowns, quarrels and craze! In our performance, we look for a special energy that triggers freedom, concentration joy. We provoke, we create and we observe relationships, also amongst ourselves. The performance takes up the immensely interesting topic of the perception of otherness. We want to emphasise the importance of contact with oneself and of collective action.

Duration45" Crew *5 Artists3
Premiere 2021-07-01, Poznań
    loud music, direct physical contact with audience members

* cast plus technical support

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