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photo Monika Cegiełkowska

photo Marta Ankiersztejn

The UM Foundation was established by the artists Urszula Bernat-Jałocha and Marcin Motyl with the primary intent to support all activities for the development and promotion of culture and art in Poland and abroad. The Foundation strives to elevate human dignity by developing human creative capacity in line with the demands of the modern world.


Dance Scene
2020, Ilawa
Autumn Dance Scene Festival
2019, Gryfino
Dance Arts Center
2019, Warsaw
IV Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea Unipersonal ‘Cuerpo al Descubierto’
2019, Mexico City
Contemporary Dance Stage
2019, Kraków



UM Foundation


  • Urszula Bernat-Jałocha Choreographer, dancer
  • Marcin Motyl Dancer

Performance synopsis

The performance focusses on male-female relationships in the modern world. My intent is to present a number of short stories, each with a man and woman as the respective protagonists; some are shown with a grain of salt, others are as serious as it gets. I wish to ask the audience about the place we have found ourselves in and our expectations of relationships, whether romantic or interpersonal in general.

Duration38" Crew *3 Artists2
Premiere 2019-03-30, Kraków
Audienceeveryone (regardless of age)

* cast plus technical support

Promotional details
  • Created thanks to a Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship
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